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Who Are God's Messengers and Prophets?

Who Are God's Messengers and Prophets? How would one know the role and life purpose of existence unless one receives clear and practical instructions of what God wants and expects of him or her? Here comes the need for Prophethood. Thus, God has sent thousands of Prophets and Messengers to humankind. Every nation on Earth received a Prophet.

Who is Prophet Muhammad?

Before Prophet Muhammad, Prophets were sent to minister only to particular people in particular places and periods. However, Prophet Muhammad is the last and final Prophet who is meant to speak to and for all humankind until the end of time.

What is a Muslim?

The Arabic word 'Muslim' literally means someone in submission to the will and law of God. The Message of Islam has always been universal and meant for all people. Anyone who accepts this Message becomes a Muslim. One out of four persons on this Earth is a Muslim. There are 1.8 billion followers which equate to about 24% of the global population. While Islam is the world's second-largest religion, after Christianity, Islam is the fastest growing religion. Muslims are projected to surpass Christians around 2070 as the largest religious group in the world.

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