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The Status of Women in Islam; Are Muslim Women Oppressed?

Sometimes the media portrays Islam as an oppressive religion, one which oppresses women especially. While sadly it is true that some Muslim women are oppressed in some areas in Muslim countries around the world, any form of emotional, physical, or psychological abuse or oppression towards women is prohibited in our faith and goes strongly against the teachings and laws of Islam. The overall suppression of women occurs in many parts of the world regardless of the oppressor’s religion or culture, even if the oppressor is atheist in faith. However, no Islamic laws stand in place to oppress women;...

Why Do Muslim Women Wear Hijab?

In today’s modern vernacular Arabic, the word ‘Hijab’ refers to a ‘headscarf.’ Yet in classical Arabic and the language of the Holy Quran, Hijab refers to a physical curtain, a screen, a partition, or a barrier, that separates one from others when they stood behind a curtain. The one that is being covered by or that is found behind the Hijab is not only covering their head and whole body but also the space around them as they stand behind a curtain, a screen, a partition, or a barrier. According to the Holy Quran, this covering was an...

What is The Religion of Islam?

Islam is the voluntary ‘submission’ or ‘surrender’ to the Will of God, in exchange for the acquisition of peace and contentment in this life and the hereafter. The Religion of Islam teaches and encourages one to submit to the will of God, in exchange to gain peace & contentment. The word Islam is the synonym of the noun ‘aslama’ which means ‘resigned or submitted.’ In the context of religion, it means, ‘to submit one’s will, to the will of God.’ The Religion of Islam encourages one to submit to the will of God, in exchange to acquire peace and contentment in this life and the hereafter. Only when one submits to God, by believing in Him and obeying His commandments, does one achieve an innate and lasting sense of security, true peace of mind, and surety of heart.

Who is God (Allah)?

The word ‘Allah’ is the unique name of God. He is The One and Only, the Absolute & Eternal God. He is the creator of the Heavens and Earth, the creator of the Universe. He is the Lord of all lords, King of all kings.

He is the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful. Allah Neither Begets, nor is He Begotten. And He knows no equal. God offers a description of Himself in His book, the Holy Quran, stating:

Say, "He is Allah, [who is] One, Allah, the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born,...

What is The Holy Quran?

What is the Quran? What does the Holy Quran Teach? God revealed His Wisdom, Laws, and Instructions through his final Book, the Holy Quran. Learn More about What the Quran is.



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